Shot blasting and Primer

We can also take care of shot blasting and priming of your plates. We look forward to your enquiries.

We offer the following options for Shot Blasting and Priming

  • Shot Blasting with or without Primer 
  • Available for all Steel Grades
  • 3 and 4mm will have two untreated tracks at the bottom side of the plate

Product Range for Priming

  • 1 Component Alkyd Weld primer
  • 2 Component Epoxy Weld Primer 
  • 2 Component Zink Silicate Shop Primer 
  • 2-Component Epoxy Colour 
  • Please consult us for other types of Primer 
Gauge Width Length
3,0 - 20 mm  Up to 2000 mm  max. 16.000 mm